ooba gets you multiple home loan quotes to compare

You can’t be guaranteed of the most competitive rate until you’ve got all the banks to quote. Let us source multiple quotes for you to compare.

I have found a home to buy

Calculate the home loan amount you would qualify for

I need to get prequalified

Check your credit score and what home loan you can afford

Im still looking for a home

ooba gets multiple banks to quote so you get the best rate

We work with all the leading banks to secure you a home loan

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3 easy steps to owning your own home

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1. Get prequalified

A prequalification certificate establishes your credit rating and gives you an accurate indication of how much you can afford.

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2. Find a home

Armed with your certificate, you have a realistic idea of the property you can afford and proof that you are eligible for a home loan.

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3. Get the best bond

ooba gets multiple banks, including your own, to provide you with quotes to compare. All that’s left is for you to make a decision from the multiple quotes presented.

Our service is FREE, with zero obligation.


ooba is more likely to secure you a bond than your own bank

By using ooba you are more likely to get your home loan approved than by just applying to your bank.

Our service is FREE, with zero obligation.

Hundreds of customers trusted us

The bond process can be very daunting and stressful, so when I applied to ooba Home Loans for finance, I expected it to be a lot more arduous than it has been. It has been the exact opposite because of ooba’s amazing service. They are informative, patient and extremely helpful. They want the absolute best for their clients because they really pushed for the best deal while keeping me in the loop at all times.

Mbuso Simamane

Informative, patient and extremely helpful

Thank you so much to ooba home loans. Your throughout the process was amazing. I cannot thank you enough for taking a huge load off my shoulders, especially since I’m a first time buyer. Your patience, kindness and friendliness made it seem as if I was dealing with a company I had known for years, and who has my best interests at heart.

Nomonde Nyawose

Amazing efficiency and professionalism

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I had such a pleasant experience with ooba Home Loans, who assisted me with my bond application. They were very patient and motivated to ensure a successful outcome of my application. Thank you so very much. This is so appreciated.

Poelo Rangoako

Such a pleasant experience

Got questions?

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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Can I get a home loan without a deposit?

Yes, all the major banks are offering 100% loans, subject to certain qualifying criteria being met.

I have been prequalified, will the bank guarantee this money?

While not an absolute guarantee, 85% of all home loan applications with a prequalification certificate are approved.

Why should I get prequalified?

A prequalification certificate establishes your credit rating and gives you an accurate indication of how much you can afford.

What does a credit check include?

A thorough analysis of your credit history, including your credit score which is determined by the frequency of payments of your retail accounts.